PTI leaders complain about police action against party workers


Former National Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser Sunday wrote a letter to his successor Raja Pervaiz Ashraf for an immediate action against Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and the Islamabad inspector general of police (IGP).

The action had been demanded against the said personalities over the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Saleh Muhammad and the insulting behaviour of Islamabad police with him.

“The Parliament has an extraordinary sanctity and centrality in the political system of the country in terms of its composition, role and status,” Asad Qaiser said.

“Our Constitution declares the people as the source of authority after the absolute sovereignty of Allah Almighty,” he added. “The Constitution entrusts the state with the right to exercise these powers through

elected representatives of the people,” he stated.

“Along with the collective institutionalisation, the Constitution of Pakistan also specially arranges individual rights for every citizen,”

he emphasised.

“The Constitution is the guarantor of the complete protection of the life, property, honour and dignity of the citizens and the dignity of the person,” he pointed out.

“MNA Saleh Muhammad was also present at the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on October 21 at the announcement of the Toshakhana reference against PTI Chairman Imran Khan,” he informed.

“First, the federal police arrested Saleh Muhammad on a baseless charge in clear violation of the assembly rules and regulations and the orders of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) regarding the arrest of parliamentarians,” he maintained.

“Then, the federal police hung a plaque around his neck in a very humiliating manner. They captured his photo in this condition and released it on the media and social media,” he added.

“This detestable act of the federal police has caused pain and suffering for a member of the National Assembly, his family and his party,” he stated.

“The federal police have defamed and insulted the Parliament before the whole world. The Pashtun people, especially the people of Mansehra, are deeply saddened by this shameful treatment of their representative,” he claimed.

“Strong reaction on this issue will not be a positive sign for the

state. As the Speaker of the House, it is your responsibility to take immediate notice of this shameful action of Islamabad police,” he demanded.

“As Speaker, you should ensure investigations into the mistreatment of MNA Saleh Muhammad and the identification of those responsible and a stern action against them,” he demanded further.“Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah should be summoned before a privilege of the house. The Islamabad IGP should be suspended immediately along with those responsible,” he added.


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