PTI is responsible for price hike, claimes Ahsan

Ijaz Kakakhel

Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal on Monday held PTI responsible for the current price hike, who put the country on verge of collapse and default.

Winding up a debate on flood and its impact on the country n the National Assembly, the minister said that Pakistan was self-sufficient in wheat, sugar and cotton crops in 2018 but during last four years the country became net importer due to wrong policies of PTI. He also claimed that PTI government made commitment with IMF and then could not fulfil its commitments, adding that the incumbent government is fulfilling these requirements, which including increasing POL prices.

About the flood relief activities, the Minister appealed to the nation, including overseas Pakistanis, to donate blankets for the flood-affected shelterless people before the onset of winter season. He said the top priority of the government is to provide relief and rehabilitation to the flood-affected people.

The Minister vowed to revive the situation through national unity and support of civil society and national institutions. He said to foster the rehabilitation process we will introduce a proactive strategy soon.


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