PTI ensured economic stability despite Corona: CM Usman Buzdar sets new example of austerity in CMO’s expenditures



Amraiz Khan

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on Tuesday said the PTI government has ensured economic stability despite the Corona pandemic, which affected all sphere of life across the world.

The chief minister said the government did not leave the people alone in difficult circumstances, pointing out that Punjab is the only province where Rs106 billion package was announced to offset the harsh economic effects of the pandemic.

“Historic tax relief of Rs56 billion was announced to facilitate the business community,” he added and disclosed that Rs10 billion has been allocated for corona vaccination in the next financial year.

Usman Buzdar informed that despite all these difficulties, the collection of provincial levies has improved and Rs359 billion will be collected by the end of the current financial year against a target of Rs317 billion.

He vowed that Punjab will continue to move forward under the leadership of PM Imran Khan.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister’s Office released a comparative statement of the tenures of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar for the financial year 2020-21 and Shehbaz Sharif (the financial year 2017-18) when resources were mercilessly wasted.

During the financial year 2017-18, overall non-salary expenditures were Rs238 million while the overall expenditures (non-salary) of CMO amounted to Rs144 million during 2020-21

Thus, a 40 per cent reduction was noted in the overall expenditures (non-salary) in the tenure of incumbent CM Usman Buzdar.

Rs42 million were spent on the repair of vehicles in 2017-18 and only Rs15 million were consumed during 2020-21 on the repair of official vehicles, registering a 65 percent decrease.

The Shehbaz Sharif government spent 8 crores, 99 lakh and 91 thousand on entertainment and gifts in 2017-18 while only Rs.4.40 crores were utilized in 2020-21 which is 51 per cent less than the previous government.

CM Usman Buzdar said the culture of political jugglery and lavish spending has been done away with, not only in CMO but the whole of the province

The past government wasted public money without any justification while the PTI government is the custodian of every penny, he stressed. People have first right over resources than the elite of the society.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said the new budget will usher in an era of development and prosperity in the province.

The CM said a record development budget valuing Rs560 billion has been announced, recording a 66 per cent increase. Rs25 billion have been allocated for mega projects through a public-private partnership, he stated.

He said the universal health insurance programme is a flagship initiative of the PTI government to provide free health insurance to the whole of the population in Punjab.

Meanwhile, a 10 per cent increase has been made in salaries and pensions along with a 25 per cent special allowance for grade 1 to 19 employees, he added.

Meanwhile, the opposition’s undemocratic conduct in assembly was inappropriate as it has nothing to speak against the government. In fact, the opposition does not want the people to prosper, the CM added.

Meanwhile, the chief minister sought a report from the administration about the drowning of children in a pond in the Dhanola area of Faisalabad and also extended sympathies to the bereaved heirs of the deceased children.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar attended the marriage ceremony of Amir Ali, brother of his PSO Haider Ali at GOR-II (Bahawalpur House) and congratulated them.

The bridegroom, his father Dr Muhammad Yasin and others expressed gratitude to the CM for gracing the ceremony with presence.

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