PTI claims Tehsil Mayor Abbottabad slot


Much awaited result of Tehsil Abbottabad mayor elections finally announced and PTI candidate Sardar Shujah Nabi claimed victory over PML-N rival Sardar Shamoon Yar Khan.

According to an unofficial result, despite a tough contest between the candidates of the two parties Sardar Shujah Nabi of PTI secured 104750 votes and got a convincing victory with a lead of over 18000 votes while PML-N Sardar Shamoon Yar got 86,256.

The results of Tehsil Havelian were astounding where an independent candidate outran favourite PTI and PML-N candidates, Independent candidate Atif Sher Khan got 31821 votes and won the slot against his rivals Arsal Pervez of PMLN who got 19,312 votes and Aslam Zar Khan of PTI who secured 16,249 votes.

According to the sources, independent candidate Atif Sher Khan who won Tehsil Havelian mayor slot has joined hands with PTI and a picture of Speaker KP Assembly Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani also went viral where Atif Khan presented sweet to Mushtaq Ghani.

PTI also bagged another Tehsil mayor seat of Lower Tanawal where according to the unofficial result Junaid Ahmed of PTI won the seat by getting 10006 votes while his opponent independent candidate Muhammad Ishaq got 7762 votes.

PML-N managed to win a Tehsil mayor seat in district Abbottabad where its candidate from Tehsil Lora Iftikhar Ahmed Abbasi got 17567 votes and won the elections while his rival PTI candidate Rajab Ali Abbassi got 15,554 votes.


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