Rescue 1122 helped 9619 persons


Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) rescued as many as 9619 persons who called for help during various incidents in the district during the month of March. According to District Emergency Officer, Ehtesham Wahla, the Rescue 1122 received 39,295 calls last month. Out of those calls 10275 were related to emergencies, while 9683 calls were about information only.

Similarly, 2929 calls were related to road traffic accidents, 5895 to medical emergencies, 165 to fire incidents, 314 to crimes, 9 to drowning incidents, 7 to building collapse and 956 calls were miscellaneous. He said that Rescue 1122 teams responded to emergencies within average time of 7 minutes, and 9619 victims were rescued in addition to providing first aid to 3291 persons and shifting 5907 persons to various hospitals.

As many as 421 persons lost their lives in Faisalabad in various incidents, including 29 deaths in road traffic accidents during the month of March.


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