PTI believes in supremacy of law: SACM


Says availability of essential commodities is being ensured in market

Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister on Information Hasaan Khawar on Thursday claimed that appearance of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the Supreme Court in the APS case, reflects the fact that the PTI government believes in the rule of law and state institutions.

“Good governance is not about overcoming problems, it is about overcoming them in a timely manner.

Everyone will realise facts if the performance of the Punjab government is compared with the Sindh government.

An integrated digital mechanism was being devised for the historic Ehsaas Ration Program, which will also be beneficial for future generations as opposed to the cheap ‘photoshoot governance’ of the past.

The subsidized bread scheme of the Shahbaz Sharif era was consumed by the ‘tandoors’ and wealthy people of posh areas.”

SACM on Information Hasaan Khawar expressed the views during a press conference here at Al-Hamra on Thursday.

Hassan Khawar said that it is the beauty of democracy to listen to government allies in decision-making on important policy issues.

The government has been working in collaboration with people and allies to make the election process transparent and non-controversial.

Speaking about the Supreme Court appearance of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Hasaan Khawar said the PM did not declare war on the judiciary like the PML-N. He did not call the workers to reach the court in buses nor did he talk against the judiciary.

The SACM said the PTI believes in justice. If we are summoned by a judge, we will not accuse him of malice like Nawaz Sharif, he maintained.

A former PM has fled the country by taking benefit of medical reports, he said. Our appearance does not make any noise in the corridors of the Supreme Court, he continued.

Instead of making excuses, we have enhanced the prestige of the institutions by announcing compliance with the court order.

Hasaan Khawar said Allama Iqbal termed justice, courage and truthfulness as basic principles of leadership and PTI got full marks yesterday. It was a matter of pride for us to fulfil Iqbal’s vision through the government.

Talking about the availability of essential commodities, he said the ministers and the administration have been fully active to ensure availability of sugar and flour in the market.

Government’s flour was available at Rs. 55 and imported sugar was sold at Rs90 per kg, he said. Hasaan Khawar said people should convey their complaints to the government and prompt action would be taken.

There would be hue and cry as the government’s efforts have enervated the mafia. The government is stood by the people in this difficult time, he added.

Talking about the semi-final of the T20 World Cup between Pakistan and Australia, he said the Pakistan cricket team is on a winning streak after winning five matches.

The nation is hopeful that the team would continue to win till the final with this excellent performance

In his message to the international teams, Hasaan Khawar said Pakistan is a completely safe place for cricket teams from all over the world, but there is no guarantee that they would withstand the onslaught of the Pakistan team on the cricket field.

In response to a question regarding price-hike, he said it is important to keep in mind the causes. As oil prices rose, we have reduced sales tax and petroleum development levy.

In the sugar crisis, we have created an integrated system of supply and distribution of imported sugar. He said the supply of 6 million panadol tablets was ensured in Lahore yesterday.

The government was reducing smog by introducing Zigzag technology and overcoming the burning of crops’ residues. Replying to another question about the Daska election, he said no action was taken on the complaints of our representatives in the Daska elections.


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