PST for unity among religious parties



Staff Reporter

The religious parties should get united for success in the upcoming local bodies selections as well as in the general elections.

“The only way to change destiny of the country is the implementation of Islamic system and all responsible persons and workers should work hard in the local bodies elections pave way for bringing about a revolution to get the country rid of corrupt politicians.”

Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) Divisional President Muhammad Asif Raza Qadri expressed the views while addressing an important meeting of officials in connection with the preparations for the upcoming local bodies elections.

The PST leader said that corrupt elements influence the vote bank of religious parties in elections through different tactics, adding that unity among the religious parties is need of the hour to shut the door on corrupt elements once and for all. The government should take measures to ensure transparency in all elections.

“The Islamic system guarantees justice to every human being irrespective of their faith so everyone strive hard for bringing about the Islamic system in the country.”

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