Modi targeting minorities including Muslims: Sarwar

Amraiz Khan

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said that Pakistan is the safest place for minorities in the world.

“In India, Narendra Modi and RSS are targeting minorities including Muslims. By attacking Mosque in India, Modi and his supporters have proved that their country has become dangerous for minorities.”

While addressing media on the occasion of SP Dewan Bahadur Singha Awards Ceremony at Governor House here, he said that religious freedom as well as protection of lives and property of citizens are necessary for the development and stability of any country, adding that: “I am proud to say that in Britain as well as Pakistan, I have raised voice for minorities and Pakistan has become the most safe country for Minorities.”

He further said that wherever minorities face suppression or injustice, government take strict action.

“If we talk about our neighbouring country, India, lives of the minorities have become very difficult since the day Modi came to power,” he pointed out, adding that Modi is carrying forward the vision of terrorist Organization RSS and Muslims are being targeted publically while incidents of public violence against Muslims are increasing with each passing day.

He said that the Indian Government demolished the historical Mosque, which showed that Indian Muslims do not have religious freedom, adding this situation should be a matter of great concern for the United Nations and international Human Rights organizations.

He said that under the Modi’s leadership, India has been infected with Hindutva hatred against all minorities and since Narender Modi came to power, crimes against religious minorities are increasing.

The Punjab governor said that the policies of Pakistani Government are promoting peace and harmony. The Kartarpur corridor project for Sikhs is a great example of the Pakistani government’s minority friendship.

Attacks by Hindu groups against Muslims, Christians and followers of other religions have become common in India. He further said, International human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International often report on the plight of religious minorities in India.

While addressing the ceremony, he said that the time has come for the world powers like the United States to take notice of the atrocities committed against minorities in India and force India through diplomatic pressure to stop violence against all minorities including Muslims and ensure religious freedom as well as protection of life and property of the people of Kashmir, he reiterated.


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