PSP holds PM responsible of surging inflation, unemployment


Observer Report

Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday held Prime Minister Imran Khan responsible for the worst ever inflation, large scale unemployment, closure of businesses, and fast-dwindling economy of the country.
Due to this grim situation, Kamal said the poor is dying, while his family is indebted for the grave and coffins.
Kamal said that Imran Khan-led PTI came into the government in the same gear in which it ran its election campaign prior to election but unfortunately after assuming the government, PTI led federal government is still obsessed with the opposition, while forgetting the problems of masses for whom they chanted the slogan of change, made tall claims and empty promises.
The country is currently running on auto mode. The government has to appoint NAB chairman, election commissioner and head of public accounts committee in consultation with the opposition, but the incumbent government has created a constitutional crisis in the country.
It is illegitimate for the Imran-led federal government to talk to the opposition for the resolution of country’s issues, but it was a very legitimate act for the government to beg votes from the opposition in the Senate elections. Institutions, though not willingly had to play a role in running the affairs of the state. When the opposition and the government were put on the same page in the FATF legislation and Senate elections, the result is, today the entire opposition is behaving like a rival for the institutions. Opposition parties had voted for the Army Chief’s extension a few months ago and today they have changed their stance.
The stability of the country should be the most important for the opposition and the government. The common man is suffering the consequences of the current crisis in the country. 10 political parties together staged rally in Karachi and chanted slogan to overthrow the present government to make them rulers, while, the PDM’s host PPP, which is trying to act lije revolutionary today, has been ruling in Sindh, for the last 12 years. PPP’s revolution has resulted in no vaccine for dog bites. The Karachi rally of PDM did not talk about even a single issue of Karachi, the city that runs Pakistan, which was lashed in monsoon rains a month ago. Urdu language – {the national language} and Urdu speaking community were humiliated in that rally.
Kamal urged the Army Chief to use to get some fundamental issues fixed from the federal and provincial governments. If he does so, everything will eventually be fine. Ensure transparent recount of Karachi population, resources and powers of local bodies government should be devolved from the Chief Minister office to the grass root level in light of the 18th constitutional amendment, PFC award should be launched in the style of NFC award; Karachi has been divided into 7 parts, thereby causing immense problems.
The city should be restored to its original one district model and its administration should be handed over to the elected Mayor.

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