PSO hires female attendees


Time and again, Pakistan has been called out for its obvious gender gap. Pakistani society thrives on patriarchal standards and the country’s ranking as the second to last in the global gender equality report proves it.

Despite the fact that women constitute a vital part of our community and it is the need of the hour to start building a community that is inclusive and empowered, Pakistan has been slow to adapt to the changing times. Women have always been considered a weak gender in Pakistan and have been barred from taking a variety of jobs.

However, slowly but surely things are looking out for women.  Many businesses are becoming cognizant of the fact that it is impossible to grow without being inclusive of all genders. Hence, to contribute their part, Pakistan State Oil has started hiring female pump attendees at their retail outlets. It is the first time in Pakistan that female pump attendees are being hired. Considering the fact that PSO is a state-owned company, the impact will be even greater.

People appreciated the novel step taken by PSO and agreed that it was the need of the hour. However, some women raised concerns regarding the employees’ safety stating that the workers should be provided safety so that they do not become victims of sexual harassment.

Nevertheless, it is a commendable step taken by PSO. Here’s hoping that all companies observe inclusivity and create more opportunities for women.

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