Provided all evidence in ‘prohibited funding case’; did not resort to any ‘Qatari’ letter: Cheema


Advisor to CM Punjab on Information Omar Sarfaraz Cheema has said in his statement that ‘Shahbaz Zardari’ government is constantly making mistakes in panic and fear.

The ‘imported’ government should be ashamed of making false accusations against Imran Khan, who was declared ‘Saadiq and Ameen’ by the superior judiciary.

He further said that ‘Shehbaz Zardari’ government has enslaved state institutions including FIA. On one hand FIA protects the proven corrupt Shehbaz Sharif from being indicted, while on the other hand harasses Imran Khan with bogus cases.

He said that PTI provided all the required evidence in the ‘prohibited funding case’ instead of resorting to any ‘Qatari’ letter.

No matter how hard the ‘imported’ government tries, failure will be its destiny, Cheema maintained.

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