Propaganda campaign against Pakistan military | By Sehrish Khan


Propaganda campaign against Pakistan military 

QUAID-i-Azam who gifted us this beautiful land, named it ‘Pakistan’ by Chaudhry Rehmat Ali.

Any Constitutional State is based on four basic institutions ie, Legislature, Judiciary, Executive, and Army.

No Constitutional State can function without these four institutions.However, I will touch on the fourth basic institution of the country as Pakistan is blessed with such a professional army in the context of its military training and outstanding and unforgettable achievements in the past.

Although Pakistan is still in the counting of developing nations, yet the international community which has five times more military strength than ours, considers Pakistan army as a real competitor.

As per 2020 statistics, the Pakistan army has approximately 560,000 professional young men and officers who have immortal determination, courage and passion to subdue the enemy.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa is the current Chief of Army Staff.General Qamar Javed Bajwa has a tall personality who looks like a mountain when he stands up.

The glory of the faces of Pakistan Army terrifies the enemy.Pakistan Army served a lot not only for Pakistan but also has an uncountable list of sacrifices, made for the nation.

At that time, when terrorism was common in Pakistan, RAW and Mossad agents were carrying out acts of sabotage across the country.

There were bomb blasts, military convoys were targeted, other law and order agencies were not immense but the Pakistan Army not only terrorized them but they also suppressed them by finding their secret places.

Their anti-terrorists’ operations were not only limited to plane areas but that was extended to mountains also.

They found them and finished them selectively.It is the distinction of Pakistan army to have restored peace in Pakistan in a very short time.

Karachi, the city of lights, where carnage and terrorism were common, became the cradle of peace and tranquillity.

Peace returned to other cities and people breathed a sigh of relief.I will proudly say that all the credit for this restoration of peace goes to Pakistan Army.

However, not only regional but western countries are also not tired of acknowledging Pakistan army, it has provided its mettle not only on the external front but on the internal front also.

Thousands of lives have been sacrificed to bring peace to the homeland.The way our troops have served on the external and internal fronts cannot be forgotten.

In case of floods or earthquake, whenever the civil administration called, the soldiers and officers came to the rescue, healed the sufferings of the people.

The Murree incident is the recent happening and the way our brave soldiers rescued the victims cannot be ignored by any sensible citizen.

Let’s talk about the budget of Pakistan as this is not being discussed very often, which leads to creation of rumours about the most reputable institution of Pakistan.

Regrettably, some journalists and anchors are busy trying to please their masters by chanting against the Pakistan Army on various mediums of print, electronic and social media and are deliberately propagating that Pakistan has become a security state and 70 to 80% of its annual budget is spent on the army and as a result the welfare of the people and its resources are not available for welfare and developmental projects.

Actually, this misconception has been perpetuated for many years and is still spreading all sorts of doubts in the minds of people.

However, the fact is that in Pakistan, there are numerous challenges at all times, including conspiracies of neighbouring countries, fibre optics, violations of the Line of Control, cross-border terrorist attacks and numerous internal and external issues, including the fifth generation war.

It not only covers its operating and operational expenses but also deals with the internal and external challenges facing the country.

The total budget for 2022 was Rs 8487 billion of which Rs 1373 billion was allocated for defence which constitutes 16.17% of the total budget out of which Rs 481.592 billion for staff expenditure, Rs 391.499 billion and Rs 169.773 billion for public works.

However, while closely analyzing the myth vs facts and figures, it has been revealed that there are some anti-State elements that are spreading such type of propaganda campaigns against Pakistan military.

It is understandable to disregard this propaganda, but when one’s own intellectuals become part of this poisonous propaganda, it not only has a negative effect on the morale of the defence establishment but also creates negative sentiments against the army at the national level.

There are those who are poison killers for the country’s integrity.It is my honest opinion to all the readers that thwart the conspiracies of the enemies by fighting alongside them instead of unnecessarily criticizing your army in these difficult times when the country is facing many challenges both internally and externally.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.


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