Propaganda against institutions


IT is a matter of concern for all patriotic Pakistanis that the anti-institutions trend continues in national politics despite repeated calls by saner elements of the society that such a tendency would play havoc with the overall strength and stability of the country.

The propaganda has taken a new and intensive twist after release of the detailed judgement of the Supreme Court in the suo moto case of ruling of the Deputy Speaker National Assembly on the day of voting on the motion of no-confidence against the then Prime Minister.

Rational and cogent debate on different aspects of the verdict is understandable and, in fact, such discussions help crystallize issues and are, therefore, encouraged in civilized societies.

The court has based its judgement on legal and constitutional points and the verdict has a bearing on the political and constitutional future of the country.

The legal and constitutional experts are well within their right to explain the judgement and offer their comments but it is unfortunate that the verdict is being seen with a narrow political mindset.

Taking an extreme position, former Information Minister and a stalwart of PTI Fawad Ahmed Chaudhry alleged that the establishment is thirsty for blood and making political decisions, which should be made in the political arena.

The former Minister said making a political decision is not the mandate of generals and judges, adding that they should either do their jobs or join politics.

Similarly, PTI Chairman Imran Khan also expressed his deep disappointment over the SC verdict, saying it was really painful.

It is relevant to point out that PTI flew high when courts decided several cases in its favour recently but has directed its guns towards ‘generals and judges’ when an adverse decision has come.

What PTI leadership including the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the then Law Minister did was a flagrant violation of the law and the Constitution and it was unimaginable that the courts would close their eyes to such violations.

PTI should take solace from the fact that so far no legal action has been taken to penalize those responsible for clear transgression of the law and the Constitution.


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