Professionals can help students in achieving goals: Salem


Nur International University Lahore organized an interactive Seminar titled as “Pathways to Growth”. The penal of the Guest Speakers included Mr. Salim Ghauri (CEO& Founder Netsol Technologies), Mr. Abbas Yousafzai (Co-Founder & Head of Data Engineering at Conrad Labs),Ms. Huma Ijaz Zaman (Advocate/Partner Mandviwalla & Zafar). The event was attended by NIU Acting Vice Chancellor Mr. Salem Rehman and Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Najma Najam along with all the senior faculty members and students at NIU. Acting Vice Chancellor Mr. Salem Rehmanin his welcome address emphasized the importance of learning from successful professionals. He encouraged the students to participate in NIU’s Facebook Live Session to listen to the professionals and understand their journey to success. Mr. Salem Rehman said that learning from successful professionals can help students achieve their goals. Mr. Salem said that listening to the journey of successful personalities, student gain the confidence which plays a key role in achieving their aim and objectives.

Mr. Salim Ghauri gave an effective andenergetic speech while sharing his journey of establishing his company Netsol Technologies. In his address, he said that students should understand the difference between “studying” and “learning” and must learn from their life and happenings around them. Mr.Ghauri advised the students that failures are not bad ,they help you learn a lot ,one should dream big to achieve big but always start by setting short term goals and do celebrate your achievements’.

Prof. Dr. Najma Najam (NIU Pro Vice Chancellor) congratulated NIU and the team for arranging the seminar and thanked the acting vice chancellor for his contribution in building up NIU as prestigious institution in academia of Pakistan. While answering a question, during Q&A session she expressed her journey of becoming a successful professional and discussed her role as a mother.

She advised the students to keep on learning every day because the learning process never stops. In her closing remarks, she said this seminar is not giving you the lesson of the day, but lessons for the life. In her effective speech she made it clear to the students that overnight success is not possible, always believe in hard work and consistency, but not the shortcuts.