JI to launch countrywide protest movement from June 11


Jamaat-e-Islami would launch a countrywide protest movement from Lahore on June 11 if the government had not taken measures to eliminate Riba and control inflation in the national budget scheduled to be presented in the national assembly on June 10, announced JI Emir Sirajul Haq at press a conference in Mansoorah on Thursday.

The incumbent government, he added, had not only continued the policies of the PTI regime, it further burdened the masses with massive inflation.

Sirajul Haqmade it clear the poor people of Pakistan were no longer

ready to become sacrificial goats on the dictation of the global lenders, asserting the time had come the ruling elite itself made some sacrifices.

Around Rs42 billions per year were spent on protocol and VIPs life-style of the rulers, billions were used on other non-developmental expenses, he said, asking the rulers to take austerity measures, end luxurious lifestyle to prove they were the representatives of the people who were even deprived of the basic facilities.

The JI chief said people in Cholistan had no access to even drinking water, hours long load-shedding continued throughout the country and amid the situation the government increased the petrol prices by Rs30 per liter and cooking oil rate by Rs250 per kg.

He questioned the government’s claims made before bringing no-trust movement against the PTI. The JI, he said, had already made it clear to the people that the ruling parties (the PML-N, the PPP and the PTI) were protectors of the status quo, having no interest in the welfare of the common man.