Problems of Angoor Ada Pak-Afghan border area discussed

Adam Khan Wazir

Leaders belonging to political parties held a protest gathering along with the local people regarding the inclusion of Pak-Afghan border Angoorr Adda in the transit route, solving the problems faced by the business community and the local people in South Waziristan.

On this occasion, political leaders and local tribal elders discussed in detail about the problems faced by the people at Angoor Ada border. They viewed that Pak-Afghan border is 500 km less than all the borders of Pakistan to Central Asia and also 1400 km less than all the internal borders of Pakistan from Gwadar to Central Asia.

Therefore, the federal, provincial government and the military leadership took notice of this and took steps to solve the problems immediately. Secretary General Maulana Rafiuddin Wazir from JUI, Ayaz Wazir from ANP, Imran Mukhalis Wazir from Pakistan Peoples Party, Ajab Gul Wazir from PTI, Saifur Rehman Wazir from Jamaat-e-Islami, Taj Wazir from the business community and the constituted of 24 members committee president Khan Malik Wazir said.

That Angoor Adda being the most important and nearest passage of trade with Central Asia, this border should be regarded with great importance, Angoor Adda Border Terminal should be recognized as part of CPEC.

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