Prime Minister’s salary proposed to be Rs 2.44MN for fiscal year

Prime Minister

The prime minister’s gross salary has been proposed to be set at Rs2.441 million in the federal budget for fiscal year 2021-22.

While the Prime Minister’s pay has been recommended at Rs2.441 million, the sum for PM House costs has been recommended at Rs210.80 million, according to documents received by The Express Tribune.

According to government budget papers, Rs30 million has been suggested for wages and incentives for advisors to the prime minister for the next fiscal year, while Rs29 million has been made aside for special assistants.

It’s worth noting that the prime minister’s gross pay is presently Rs201,574.

The President House budget has been suggested at Rs1.020 billion, with Rs405 million allocated to salaries and other expenditures for the president’s public office workers and Rs615 million allocated to wages and other expenditures for the president’s personal office staff.

The administration resolved last year to reduce the president’s and prime minister’s perks and privileges.

Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin opened the National Assembly session by remembering the situation of the economy when the governing PTI came to power, unveiling the “people-friendly” federal budget for FY22.

He said that the current account deficit had reached an all-time high of $20 billion, but that the administration had managed to pull the economy out of difficulties with cautious measures.

He said that toward the conclusion of the PML-rule, N’s the budget deficit was at a high of 6.6 percent and the foreign currency reserves were at a crucial level of $10 billion. The situation, however, has recently improved.

He said that the PTI was in charge of mending the economy since the previous administration impeded it by borrowing loans and unfairly fixing the rupee at Rs104 for five years.

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