Prime Minister Khan to launch agri projects in Bahawalpur

Prime Minister Khan to launch agri projects in Bahawalpur

Prime Minister Imran Khan is in Bahawalpur today for the Kisaan Convention, where he will inaugurate agricultural initiatives aimed at boosting South Punjab’s output.

Local farmers will benefit from the initiatives since they will be able to increase the production of their crops.

The prime minister will also be briefed on the South Punjab Secretariat’s operations and current development initiatives in the Bahawalpur Division.

He will plant seedlings at Lal Sohanra National Park in Bahawalpur as part of the country’s ongoing huge tree-planting campaign. He’ll also go over the most up-to-date technologies for preserving green cover.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that Pakistan has not progressed as quickly as it could have, citing money laundering and corruption as significant issues.

After arriving in Karachi for a day-long visit, the prime minister spoke at the opening ceremony of the Ship Lift and Transfer System at the Karachi Shipyard.

“Since I grew up side-by-side with Pakistan, let me say on this occasion that we [country] were not able to progress and reach our potential as we were supposed to,” said Prime Minister Khan.

“We became an import-led economy and Pakistan started relying on foreign aid,” regretted PM Khan. “We didn’t recognize our power. Whenever someone starts to depend on crutches, his physique deteriorates,” he added.

PM Khan used this example to say that God has created countries in the same manner and that when they learn to fight and overcome obstacles, they would eventually triumph.

He said that Almighty Allah instructs Muslims to learn from the example of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and that any state that adopts the Riyasat-e-Madinah principles would always be able to overcome its difficulties.

PM Khan emphasized his government’s objectives, saying Pakistan must reduce its dependence on imports and encourage international investment. He said that the country must also stop money laundering so that the cash it generates does not leave the country.

At the conclusion of his address, the prime minister expressed his delight that Pakistan was finally on the road to prosperity, praising Chief of Naval Staff Amjad Niazi for initiating the Ship Lift and Transfer system.

The prime minister is expected to convene key sessions at the Sindh Governor House during his visit to Karachi.

At the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), the premier will be briefed on the numerous federal government projects currently being implemented in the city under the Karachi Transformation Plan’s umbrella.

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