Prices of sacrificial animals skyrocket ahead of Eid

Adam Khan Wazir

Syedullah Khan Wazir, who is present at the Wana cattle market in South Waziristan, said that the prices of sacrificial animals have gone up significantly this year as compared to last year, which is not affordable for everyone. As Eid-ul-Azha approaches, the prices of sacrificial animals have skyrocketed.

On the other hand, the skyrocketing inflation has made the general public helpless, so the cattle market in Wana is not as crowded as it was last year. He said that due to the spread of Lumpy Skin disease and Congo virus in animals, people are scared and reluctant to take animals for Eid sacrifice.

In addition, residents of the area do not come to the cattle market due to fear of Lumpy skin and Congo virus. However, due to the closure of the Pak-Afghan border Angoor adda Gate, the number of sacrificial animals has become very limited. At the same time, soaring prices have left the general public helpless, so animal prices have risen sharply this year.

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