Prices of lentils shoot up at utility stores


The prices of lentils have been increased by up to Rs48 at utility stores across the country on Sunday.

According to the notification, the price of black gram (kalay channay) has been increased by Rs48 per kg and now reached Rs220 from Rs 172 per kg. The price of dal masoor has been increased by Rs40 per kg to reach Rs310 from Rs270.

Red beans (surkh lobia) reached from Rs235 to Rs270 after an increase of Rs35 per kg. After Rs35 increase in the price of Sabat Masoor dal per kg, it is now available at Rs310 per kg instead of the previous price of Rs275.

Dal Moong per kg has now been increased by Rs30 and it is available at Rs200 instead of Rs170 now. The price of dal channa has also been increased from Rs190 to Rs220 per kg as Rs30 per kg price hike was notified.

Meanwhile, the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has jacked up the prices of pulses at its stores following a hike in other markets of the country. The price change notification for pulses has also been issued at utility stores.

The additional prices will be applicable immediately. According to the notification, the prices of various pulses have increased up to Rs48 per kg. The price of black gram has been increased by Rs 48 per kg, taking up the price from Rs172 to Rs220 per kg.

The price of lentils has been jacked up from Rs 270 to Rs310 per kg, the price of red beans has increased from Rs235 to Rs270 per kg and the price of whole lentils has increased up by Rs275 to Rs310 per kg. Meanwhile, the price of yellow lentils has increased up from Rs170 to Rs200 per kg.

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