Prices of 32 items increased during last week: Weekly inflation report by PBS

inflation in June

Islamabad: The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), in its weekly inflation report, stated that during the week that ended on June 23, the prices of 32 increased out of 51 essential items, taking the total inflation during the past year to a record 28 per cent.

According to the data, the weekly inflation surged 1.01 per cent week-on-week and 28.05 per cent year-on-year.

The data shows that the increase was mainly recorded in the prices of food items.

Weekly inflation report by PBS
Weekly inflation report by PBS

During the week, a decrease was observed in the prices of essentials, including chicken, tomatoes, bananas and mustard oil only.

Weekly inflation report by PBS
Source: PBS

However, on a year-on-year basis, Hi-speed diesel, with 132.61 per cent in its price, tops the list of items whose prices increased.

Source: PBS

It is pertinent to mention that the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) is computed on a weekly basis to assess the price movements of essential commodities at a shorter interval of time so as to review the price situation in the country. SPI comprises 51 essential items collected from 50 markets in 17 cities of the country.

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