Prices hit sky-high across country


Inflation in Pakistan is touching its new peak as the price of lemons has overtaken the meat rate, it has been reported on Sunday. As per details, the bachat bazaars in the country, which are set up to provide relief to the masses against rising inflation, have also failed to provide cheap goods to the people.

Vegetable sellers in bachat bazars are not ready to give even one lemon for fifty rupees.

Sources said that the price of lemons has gone up to Rs 1,200 per kg. In the days of Eidul Fitr, the price of the commodity was Rs 1,000 per kg.

Meanwhile, the federal government on Saturday cancelled the Ramadan package at utility stores, while a notification has also been issued in this regard. According to the notification, a 500-gram packet of dates was priced at Rs.10, 950 grams of tea at Rs. 67, 400 grams of spices at Rs.36, one liter of milk pack at Rs. 20 and white cumin 200 grams at Rs. 23.

In addition, the price of 50 grams of cardamom has been increased by Rs.18, red chili by Rs.18 per 200 grams, shampoo by Rs.14 and 100 grams of turmeric by Rs.4. The price of pulses was increased by Rs.10 per kg and cooking oil of various brands up to Rs. 20 per liter, as per the notification.—INP


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