President, Prime Minister express sorrow at train accident

President, Prime Minister

President Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Imran Khan express their sorrow at the train accident in Ghotki, Sindh.

When two express trains crashed at Ghotki between the Raiti and Obaro railway stations on Monday morning, at least 32 people died and 64 were wounded.

President Arif Alvi expressed his deep sorrow and regret at the accident.

Prime Minister Imran Khan responded to the tragedy on Twitter, ordering Railways Minister Azam Swati to attend to the scene and provide medical aid to the wounded.

“Shocked by the horrific train accident at Ghotki early this morning leaving 30 passengers dead. Have asked Railway Minister to reach the site and ensure medical assistance to the injured and support for families of the dead. Ordering a comprehensive investigation into railway safety fault lines,” prime minister tweeted.

Army and Rangers continue their relief efforts at the Ghotki accident site.

Army officials and Rangers have arrived at the Ghotki accident scene and are actively assisting with relief efforts, according to the ISPR.

Military physicians and paramedics have also arrived at the collision scene, accompanied by ambulances sent from Pannu Aqil.

“Engineer resources have been moved to carry out necessary relief and rescue work,” said the military’s media wing. “Army special Engineer Team Urban Search and Rescue ( USAR) being heli-lifted from Rawalpindi to the incident site to speed up relief and rescue efforts,” it added.

Two helicopters are being sent in from Multan, according to the ISPR, to transport victims and provide quick assistance. The ISPR also said that relief supplies are being prepared and would be sent soon.

The death toll had already been verified by Ghotki SSP Umar Tufail, who informed that the dead had been taken to nearby hospitals.

Despite the passage of hours after the tragedy in Ghotki, he said he anticipated the death toll to rise. He claimed there were still wrecked railway compartments that rescuers had not been able to touch.

According to the SSP, there were up to 25 persons in one compartment who had not yet been reached.

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