KU suicide attack


IN yet another despicable incident, at least four people, including three Chinese nationals, were killed while four others were injured in a suicide attack outside the University of Karachi’s (KU) Confucius Institute.

CCTV footage of the attack showed a burqa-clad woman detonating herself just as the van neared the institute’s entrance.

The attack on Chinese nationals has shocked and aggrieved the entire nation. This indeed was a well-planned conspiracy and the target was no other but the Chinese friends to undermine the longstanding relationship between Pakistan and China.

It will not be wrong to say either that it was an actually attack on the strategic relationship of the two countries but we are confident that both the sides will continue to move forward with the same spirit of cooperation and further strengthening of relations to foil the sordid conspiracies of the enemy.

The banned Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for the attack. This leaves no doubt that India is behind this evil incident as the progress of Pakistan is not digestible to it and from day one it is making efforts to derail the multibillion dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has assured China that his government would not rest until terrorists involved in the suicide attack are brought to justice.

We will suggest that the Chinese friends should also be involved in the investigation and those behind it must be nabbed and given exemplary punishment as per the law.

The findings of the investigation must also be shared with the international community. In the past also the Chinese nationals were attacked.

Just last year, nine Chinese engineers engaged at Dasu Hydropower project, were killed in a bus blast.

Regardless of such dreadful incidents, we have not seen any averseness in the Chinese workers and investors to execute projects in Pakistan.

This really indicates the strong bonds that exist between the two countries. However, it is our responsibility to provide foolproof security to the Chinese nationals.

A review of arrangements made for their security must be carried out, ensuring they are well protected and provided with a secured environment.

Time has also come to seriously take the issue of Balochistan and resolve it politically. Peace in the province is of paramount importance to make CPEC a success story.