President for women’s financial inclusion for productive workforce



President Dr Arif Alvi on Thursday said Pakistan direly needed financial inclusion of women to turn fifty percent of its population into a productive workforce.

He said helping women promote their business startups through information technology was the fastest route toward their empowerment.

Addressing an event BizNet 2023 themed ‘Celebrating Diversity, Inclusion and Pakistan Startups’, he said financial empowerment of women and other under-represented groups such as differently-abled persons was crucial for the progress of the country.

President Alvi emphasized gender parity at the level of organizations and companies and urged them to ensure their representation in mainstream and leadership roles.

In the digital age, he said, technology could increase the productivity and efficiency of a business. Inclusion of women in IT-related startups could also help them earn a livelihood from their homes, he added.

He stressed that women needed to be encouraged to become bank account holders in order to keep authority over their finances.

He pointed out that despite the rights enunciated by Islam for women, the culture and harassment were the two main impediments to their emancipation.

He highlighted that it was important for society to adopt a positive approach toward women by creating opportunities and ensuring a harassment-free culture for them.

The president expressed concern that fifty percent of the women graduates of medical colleges quit pursuing their careers after wedlock, which was a big loss of a talented workforce. He proposed counseling parents, husbands, and women doctors to help them encourage in utilizing their professional capabilities.

He mentioned that both religion and the country’s law supported women’s right to inheritance, however, ills in the society hindered this in a majority of cases.INP