President for sustainable consumption practices to address climate change


President Dr Arif Alvi Sunday said that the adverse impacts of climate change needed to be reversed by adopting sustainable consumption practices, protecting natural water resources, ensuring fertile soil and taking collective transformative action on a global scale by developing partnerships with all concerned authorities to save our planet Earth.

The president expressed these views while offering his greetings to all Pakistanis and environment-loving people around the world on the occasion of World Environment Day.

The 2022 World Environment Day campaign ‘#OnlyOneEarth’ calls for?collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore the planet Earth.

The president said that Pakistan was among the worst-hit countries in terms of climate change due to fast melting glaciers, unpredictable rain patterns, dry spells and drying up of our water sources which posed serious challenges to the government and to the people of Pakistan.

Highlighting the need for environment-friendly practices, he said that it was achievable by educating our youth about dealing with this challenge and adapting the methods of the green environment today for a better future.

“I am proud to state that in Pakistan our Presidency is world’s first in becoming ISO certified green, energy-efficient Presidency. With our 1MW solar power project, we not only cater to our power needs to zero net billing but also contribute to national grid”, he said

He also invited all the institutions to learn from the Green Presidency Initiative and save energy so as to serve the public in an effective manner.

The president further regretted that Pakistan’s forests, biodiversity and wildlife resources had suffered from the adverse effects of climate change, change of land use, and habitat destruction due to population increase.

He urged the need to make continuous efforts through a number of initiatives under long-term planning and programmes to deal with the challenge of climate change.