President for improving business climate of country, restoring business confidence


President Dr Arif Alvi has called for improving the business climate of the country and restoring business confidence by reviving the confidence of the people in the political system through elections.

The President expressed these views during a meeting with a delegation of Overseas Investor Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The President stated that the country needed the right and timely interventions, and Pakistan needed to keep pace with the world and make fast and timely decisions.

The President further stated that political ownership was the key for positive change. This broad ownership is only possible through elections, he added.

Speaking on the potential of IT sector in Pakistan, the President stated that he has remained the biggest proponent of IT sector development in Pakistan. President Alvi asserted that Pakistan was a goldmine of untapped human intellect. The IT sector was dependent not on the national but international infrastructure and it allows for a decentralized workforce. This is something that Pakistan can take advantage of, even in these trying times.

The President said that the country needed simple solutions for its complex problems. It is the role of the government to provide an enabling environment in this regard.

The delegation briefed the President on the Business Confidence Survey they was recently conducted.

The delegation also presented recommendations for Digital Transformation of Pakistan, as a way forward. The presentation highlighted investment in Digital Infrastructure, push towards E-governance, Integration of Web 3.0 technologies and Digital Regulations as possible policy options.