President for crises resolution


IN an exclusive interview with a private television channel, President Arif Alvi on Wednesday stressed that he has always played a role for the resolution of national issues and is now ready to make such efforts with a crisis-resolution role in the current situation.

No matter what his opponents and critics say, but the fact of the matter is that President Arif Alvi has played a very positive role ever since the ouster of former Prime Minister Imran Khan from power through a vote of confidence. Time and again he has tried to bring the parties and stakeholders to the table of negotiations to resolve issues through dialogue. However, it is really unfortunate that these efforts have not succeeded because of intransigence on both sides. Also referring to his past role in defusing political tension, the President admitted and regretted that he could not succeed in his efforts. Given the polarization which has reached the dangerous levels and multifaceted challenges faced by the country, especially on the economic front, it is really imperative that the political parties demonstrate sanity and maturity in their conduct while rising above their political interests and especially the ego. Political stability is a must to put the country in the right direction. In such a tense and uncertain situation, neither the government can pay attention to address the problems faced by the common man nor the investors or the private sector will make their investments rather they will look for other destinations which will further aggravate our situation. Whilst the President has repeatedly tried to play the role of a bridge to iron out the differences, it is now time for the political parties both in government and in the opposition to respond positively to his calls and sit together to chart out the future roadmap.  The political temperature can be brought down drastically only if the political opponents just stop making fiery and outrageous statements against each other. This then will pave the ground for a grand dialogue. Reconciliation is the need of the hour, otherwise the consequences could be dire.