Precautionary measures stressed for eye protection


For protection of vision and eyes, all precautionary measures should adopted, said Principal Post-graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Professor Al-freed Zafar while addressing a walk on the World Sight Day.

The event was organised by the Department of Ophthalmology, Lahore General Hospital, here on Saturday. The theme of the day was ‘Love Your Eyes’. Aim of the walk was to raise awareness among the public about eye protection, diseases and protective measures.

Professor Al-fareed said that medical science had proved that diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes were directly related to the eye complications, and one must be careful about it. The PGMI principal stressed that apart from ensuring moderation in diet, annual eye examination and prompt treatment in case of any complications should be ensured. Similarly, white or black cataract or any other disease affecting vision should be taken seriously and doctors should be contacted immediately as well, he said. Moreover, he said that excessive use of laptops, mobiles and other gadgets also damaged eyesight and parents must control children in this regard.

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