PR incurring Rs1b in losses every week


LAHORE Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said the lockdown in the country has led to Railways incurring more than a one billion rupees in losses every week. “We are bound by the govt’s decision, but if this lockdown is over, we will run 20 trains, as they are needed [in view of existing demand],” Rasheed said while addressing a press conference in Lahore. He added that Railways will start its freight service with the PM’s permission from the 15th. “Before the lockdown, we started a record 20 trains and if, before the lockdown, we had not run 40 trains, passengers would have been stranded in Karachi,” he said. “In the last two days before the lockdown, more than 165,00 passengers travelled in trains,” he noted. He assured that pensioners and railway employees should not be worried as they had data of 1,670 coolies, which has been sent to Ehsaas Program for income support.