PPP won’t go for undemocratic means to oust Imran: Bilawal


Observer Report


In the wake of the 11-party opposition alliance’s latest push to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan from power, Pakistan People’s Party
Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has maintained that his party will only use constitutional and democratic means to dislodge the government.
“We want to establish the democratic rule in the country and will only use democratic ways to remove [PM] Imran Khan from power,” he said on Saturday while addressing a press conference in Karachi. Bilawal said his party’s objective was to end establishment’s role into political affairs and formation of governments in the country. The PPP leader, in media talk, also announced that his party will participate in the PDM’s protest outside the office of Election Commission of Pakistan scheduled for January 19. “We will demand them [ECP] to reveal the details of funding received by [ruling] Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf by foreign donors and take the case to its logical conclusion at the earliest.”
On the government’s attempt to hold upcoming Senate elections via open balloting instead of secret voting, Bilawal said the PTI-led government was making judiciary controversial by seeking its opinion over changing the laws on Senate polls.
“We hope that the court will not interfere and leave this matter to the parliamentarians,” said Bilawal, alleging that the government’s intention behind making amendments in Senate laws is tantamount to rigging.