PPP slams govt for creating a ‘constitutional crisis’

Staff Reporter

PPP Senator Sherry Rehman on Sunday sharply criticised the government’s promulgation of a presidential ordinance to make amendments to the Elections Act, 2017, to hold the Senate’s polls through an open ballot, saying it had created a “constitutional crisis” with the move.

Sherry, accompanied by PPP stalwart and former Senate chairman Raza Rabbani, was addressing a press conference in Karachi in response to the ordinance passed on Saturday.
“They have created a constitutional crisis with their own hands,” Sherrysaid, adding that the sole reason for it was that the PTI government had feared its members and their votes were no longer “in their hands”.

“You are playing your cards in a way that can create an emergency situation in the country,” the PPP leader said and alleged that the promulgation of the ordinance amounted to an attack on the Constitution and the parliament.

“They are ripping its (Constitution’s) page […] amendments in the Constitution is the function of the parliament and no one can deny this,” she stressed.

She questioned why the government had passed the ordinance when the presidential reference on the matter was still pending in the Supreme Court and the constitutional amendment bill was still in the National Assembly and thus the “property of the parliament”.

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