PPP, PSP reject hike in medicines price, TV fees


The Pakistan People’s Party and Pak Sarzameen Party have strongly opposed the decision of the federal government to increase the prices of medicines by 10% and also increase the TV licence fees in electricity bills to Rs 100. In a statement issued here on Saturday .NisarKhuhro said that after the increase in the prices of wheat, sugar, flour, electricity, gas, and petroleum products, the hopes for surviving of the people were being snatched away by increasing the rates of medicines and TV license fees. He said by increasing the prices of medicines, the people are also being deprived of their right for better treatment. Khuhro said that the increase in prices of food items and medicines should be reversed immediately. He said there is no electricity load shedding in Bani Gala but here in Sindh people are facing 18 hours load shedding. This double standard will not be tolerated. Moreover, Spokesperson for the Sindh Government and Advisor on Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister MurtazaWahab said that that incompetent rulers along with petroleum products and flour and sugar mafia have ruined the lives of the people. The poor people were already in the throes of the worst economic situation, unemployment and inflation. claimants have brought a tsunami of inflation and unemployment on this. Meanwhile, Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has rejected the government’s latest decision of hike in the prices of medicines, terming the move as unjust, regrettable and hostile to the poor people. He said that there is no such thing as government functional in the country, but where there are matters regarding increase in the prices of essential commodities and medicines, there is a clear government writ. The Corona pandemic has left millions jobless, millions of families are pushed toward starvation and poverty, mothers are committing suicide with their children, while the apathetic government is dropping inflation bombs one after the other. The prices of medicines were increased more than double just a few months back. “The fresh decision comes at a crucial time, when coronavirus has gripped whole country. PSP is the voice of Pakistan and will keep raising its voice against the in just decisions of government affecting masses.”

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