PPP, PML-N join hands in PP-07 by election


The People’s Party candidate withdrew from the PP-07 by election in favour of the PML-N ticket holder after mutual understanding.PPP candidate Chaudhry Zaheer withdrew from the contest for the PML-N’s Raja Sagheer Ahmed after a meeting of the officials of two parties at the People’s Party Central Secretariat.

The PPP official Sibtul Haider Bukhari, said, “It is the first seat adjustment between the PPP and PML-N in by elections. They will contest the by election against PTI jointly in PP-07.”

Raja Sagheer Ahmed was one of the 20 Punjab Assembly members of the PTI, who had been deseated by the election commission for casting vote to Hamza Shehbaz in the election of the chief minister.

Raja Sagheer had joined the PML-N after being deseated and the party had awarded him ticket for the vacant PP-07 constituency of Kahuta Kalar Sayedan.

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