PPP office in Lyari stormed against power outages, gas shortage


Enraged citizens of Lyari stormed into the office of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) against prolonged power outages and gas shortage.

According to details, a group of people protested outside the PPP office in Lyari – a stronghold of the political party, blocking the road and chanting slogans against the party.

The protesters gathered outside the office over complaints of gas shortage and long load-sheddings. The anger of the local residents ran high and they stormed the office. The protesters also vandalised and destroyed the office furniture.

Earlier in December, the residents of Lyari staged a protest against the K-Electric at Karachi’s Shaheen Complex intersection for carrying out ‘unannounced and prolonged’ loadshedding.

The residents of Lyari – including women and children – took to the streets, burnt tyres and blocked main roads for vehicular traffic in protest against the K-Electric for carrying out unannounced and prolonged loadshedding.

The protesters also chanted slogans against the power supplying company for resorting to unannounced loadshedding throughout the day and even in the night-time.