PPP, MQM-P created hatred for vested interests: PSP


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Saturday said that neither PPP represent Sindhis nor MQM is the custodian of Muhajir community.

Neither MQM can break Motherland of Sindh, nor PPP will save the province. Both PPP and the MQM have exploited the sentiments of Sindhis and Muhajirs by creating rifts, and hatred amongst them on ethnic grounds to gain vested political interests.

“I openly challenge all those pseudo custodian of Muhajir cause who are talking about a new province to come together or call me anywhere and have a ratiocination.

If they can persuade me then I will apologize to our Sindhis brothers and join the movement for the new province. Otherwise, the so-called contractors and killers of muhajirs will leave the movement of new province.”

He said PSP will not allow the country and especially Sindh to be engulfed as result of riots. PSP offers three-point solutions to 95% of the problems in Pakistan and Sindh.

First, the federal government should constitutionally link the launch of NFC with the PFC provincial finance commission.

The second point is to devolve powers and resources to the lowest level through constitutional amendments in the 18th Amendment, 3rd point is, the entire chapter of the local government system should be included in the constitution by introducing constitutional amendments, and all departments, including solid waste management should be subordinated to the mayor’s office.

Kamal said that the Chief Minister has spent Rs. 8,300 billion in this province, but irony of the fact is that dog bite medicines are not available in the hospitals.

In Sindh, the PPP has crossed all boundaries of prejudices. PPP sows hatred among the oppressed Sindhis to prolong its rule.

The party, which has been pursuing a biased politics since its inception, was the first in the province to introduce a language-based quota system.

It was only on the basis of prejudice, the properties of the people of Karachi were nationalized by PPP government.


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