PPP is about to jump off the PDM’s boat Show of hand in Senate polls not acceptable to founders of Changa Manga politics


Faisal Khawer Butt


Adviser to Punjab Chief Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that every major Qabza mafia in Punjab has the backing of prominent PML-N leaders. She said that PTI was working on computerized land record centers across the province for protection of public owned lands and records.
She expressed these views while talking to reporters during a visit to Land Center Kobay Chak Sialkot. She said that the system of computerization would be taken to the district level, then to the tehsil and then to the union council level. She said that the registration process would be completed in just 11 days in 4 easy steps in computerized manner.
She said that the opposition is not saddened by the people; long marches and sit-ins are rampant, Nawaz Sharif come to Pakistan and respond to the constitution and law. Dr. Firdus said that the founders of Changa Manga politics and those who introduced briefcase politics were afraid of transparent elections. She said that the Senate election through show of hands was most important for the promotion of democratic values due to transparency but it was not acceptable to the kings of looting and the princess of corruption.
She said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken of the Senate election through show of hands to rid politics of corruption which is a real service to democracy. She said that the Senate election through show of hands would promote democratic values, responsible attitudes and enhance the dignity of public representatives in the country.
She said that PDM is on the boat of corruption which is doomed to sink, PDM could not throw dust in the eyes of the conscious people of Pakistan. She said that PPP is about to jump off the PDM’s boat, only the royal family will be left to save corruption. She said that all this fuss was for saving the looted wealth and survival of his political life otherwise his corruption would be rampant.
She said that the conscious people of Pakistan had rejected the statement of the fugitive Nawaz Sharif and now the statement of his unscrupulous remnants was also being rejected. She said that these people are the product of corruption, they have grown up under the shadow of corruption and they are trying to gain public acceptance with the help of each other only to save their corruption. She said that FIR has been registered against all the facilitators of the Lahore PDM Jalsa and Rs. 12.7 million would be recovered from the organizers of the Jalsa.