PPP hands over its report to CEC on rigging in 2018 polls


The Pakistan People’s Party today handed over its report on rigging in 2018 elections to the Chief Election Commissioner urging the ECP to “take punitive action under the law against the glaring theft of the entire general election of 2018”.

The 3-member PPP delegation that handed over the Rigging Report to CEC today included Senator Taj Haider head of the Central Election Monitoring Cell of PPP and the two Secretary Generals of the PPP and PPPP Syed Nayyer Hussain Bukhari and Farhatullah Babar respectively. The Report has been prepared by the PPP Central Election Cell.

“Sir, crimes once committed are never time barred and in the background of the punitive actions that ECP has already taken against violations of Election Act 2017, we look forward to further punitive actions on the theft of general election 2018”, the letter accompanying the Report said.

The Report describes in detail the pre-poll, polling day and the post poll rigging committed by persons belonging to the administration and the security institutions, the letter said.

“Unfortunately the polling staff appointed by the Election Commission miserably failed to stop these crimes. It is also possible that some of the appointed staff became partners in these crimes”, it said.

Besides the data collected itself by the PPP Central Election Cell, the Report also includes relevant extracts from the various reports on the General Elections 2018 prepared and published by various national and international observers who covered those elections.

The letter signed by all members of the 3-member PPP delegations said, “Of extreme importance are extracts and references to the forensic study and analysis of data posted by the ECP on their website undertaken by the notable election observers FAFEN. This study brings to light the fact that out of 78, 471 forms 45 (Result of Count) only 128 forms had been signed by polling agents who gave the name of the candidates they were representing.

In all there were around 5000 signed Forms 45 on the ECP website, however none except the above mentioned 128 forms bore the names of candidates and their political affiliation. One cannot say with certainty if these signatures were genuine signatures of the polling agents or not.

This alone is enough to put the legality of General Elections 2018 in question”. “There are hundreds of thousands of polling agents, candidates, representatives of print and electronic media, representative of election observers, workers of political .


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