PPP govt makes new records, corruption now in trillions: Haleem Adil


Corruption in Sindh province is now being unearthed not in millions but trillions, as the PPP government of this province has made new records in commission, kickbacks and bribery culture, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here on Wednesday. Talking to media at the Sindh Assembly, he said previous day he was in Islamabad where he knew that a ‘mega project’ was inaugurated in Karachi. He said when he visited that place in morning, he was amazed to know that Rs1billion were spent in the name of renovating one Chowrangi. He said poor people are living in gutters just 50 feet away from this Chowrangi and the rulers should have spent Rs1billion to bring some betterment in their lives. He said had Bilawal adopted the speed of a tortoise, Karachi today should have witnessed some betterment. Haleem Adil said the rulers of Sindh are now making corruption in the name of even Chowrangis. He said Saleem Bajari, who is front man of Sindh chief minister, used to run a donkey cart and today he has expensive properties in Dubai. He said Sindh finance department has transferred trillions of rupees to Be-nami accounts. He said the rulers of Sindh gave the gift of AIDS to Larkana. He said previous day they used foul language and called Imran Khan a rotten egg. He said they are now using these dirty tactics because their corruption is being unearthed. He said Bilawal says that they are making Karachi a Rome gradually, but in fact they have made Karachi a city of gutters. He said he would disclose in a press conference soon what is being done in the house of Sharjeel Memon. He said the thieves of wheat stock in Sindh should now be unveiled.

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