PPP fears govt can impose emergency or governor rule in Punjab

Amraiz Khan

Pakistan People’s Party Central Punjab General Secretary and Parliament leader Syed Hassan Murtaza on Monday showed his concern that government can impose an emergency or governor rule in Punjab in order to sabotage the voting for the election for the new leader of the House going to be held on April 6 in Punjab Assembly.

He was addressing a press conference along with members of Punjab Assembly Makhdoom Usman Mahmood, Mumtaz Chang, Shazia Abid and Raees Nabeel. Secretary Information Shazad Saeed Cheema, Faiza Malik, Ahsan Rizvi, Afraz Naqvi and Sajjad Nazir were also present on the occasion.Murtaza said that without election reforms elections will be useless.

He also said that PPP and opposition parties will not accept elections under Imran Khan adding that we consider Imran Khan as selected Prime Minister and now after the dissolution of the National Assembly it is unconstitutional to write him Prime Minister.

Hassan Murtaza demanded that Prime Minister Imran Khan and all characters including President Arif Alvi, speaker and deputy speaker involved in the “conspiracy” against the nation are guilty of high treason and should be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution.

He made it clear that PPP will not support any unconstitutional act. He warned that anyone involved in any wrongdoing with the country and desecration of the Constitution will be taken to task.

He termed the calling of governors of Punjab and Sindh by Imran Khan as unconstitutional because he is no more Prime Minister. He said if a letter that was received on March 7 is against the national security of the country then why did they thank the American representative on March 16. He further said a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister was moved against Prime Minister on March 8. He said Imran Khan was responsible for the abrogation of the constitution in the parliament.

While responding to the questions of the media Murtaza said that today is April 4, the death anniversary of the founder of PPP and former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto courts can remove the black spot on their face by giving a verdict against the unconstitutional act of Imran Khan. He said we don’t have any expectations from Imran Khan who is a follower of former dictator General Zia ul Haq.

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