Power supply restored in city with joint efforts of NTDC: KE


The KE’s 220 kV Extra High Tension network on Saturday afternoon experienced tripping along with the 220 kV NKI-Baldia 1&2 circuit.

NTDC and KE teams immediately responded by coordinating closely for the restoration of the circuits.

The connection with National Grid and subsequently power supply to all affected grids was restored within the hour.

Power supply to strategic installations such as KWSB water pumping stations, Airport, and major hospitals of the city was also restored on priority basis while supply to areas such as North Nazimabad, Lyari, Federal B Area, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Johar, Defence, and Clifton was normalized within a few hours.

Restoration in remaining affected parts of the city were underway on immediate basis while KE team were also on ground.

During the restoration process, initial reports were received of smoke from one of four busbars used for outgoing supply of power from the KE’s Bin Qasim Power Station 1 whereas no fault was discovered on the generation side.

The damaged busbar was isolated and alternate busbars were utilised to bring BQPS 1 back online.

Power from BQPS 2, NKI and IPPS is being supplied to the city whereas full load of BQPS 1 is expected to be added into the system in next few hours.

Minister for Energy, HammadAzhar and Officials of Ministry of Energy (Power Division) appreciated the joint efforts saying, “Close coordination between the Government and KE teams enabled us to contain the situation in a very short span of time. This also allowed KE to begin swift restoration efforts to the city.”–PR