Posters expose India’s anti Kashmir designs in IIOJK


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, posters have appeared in Srinagar and other areas to record the Kashmiris’ protest against the divisive policies being pursued by the Hindutva BJP and RSS like the new genocide policies of the Kashmiris in the territory.

The Jammu and Kashmir Political Resistance Movement (JKPRM) and various other pro-freedom organisations have displayed the posters.

The posters read, “Indian Hindutva rulers targeting Kashmir youth violating international laws by denying bodies of martyred youth to their families” and “The current Indian anti-Kashmir policy is a big challenge and threat to peace in the region.”

The posters expressed serious concern over the silence of the United Nations and world community on continued Indian aggression and atrocities on people of Kashmir.

The posters said the Modi-led fascist Indian regime is changing the demography of the Muslim majority in IIOJK by different tactics and is misleading the international community about the actual ground situation of the territory.

“Kashmiris are united to raise demand for the right to self-determination, mandated under the UN resolutions. Indian state has caged us and is terrorizing, targeting, killing, harassing and arresting the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” said a Hurriyet leader to media in Srinagar, the posters added.—KMS