Posters ask people to observe shutdown on Modi’s visit


In Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, posters have appeared in Srinagar and adjoining areas appealing people to observe complete shutdown on the expected visit by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to the territory.

The posters reading, “Kashmiris totally reject Indian Prime Minister’s visit” have been pasted on poles and streets of Srinagar city and adjoining areas.

They said that the visit was an attempt by Narendra Modi to portray a wrong impression of normalcy in the territory.

The posters read that people of Jammu and Kashmir are strongly opposed to the Narendra Modi’s visit, because he is killer of the Kashmiri people. They also said that the Indian Prime Minister was intending to eliminate the Muslim culture of the territory by changing its demography.

The posters read that Modi was bringing Hindus from India to Jammu and Kashmir to turn it into a Hindu majority territory.

Indian Prime Minister is expected to visit the occupied territory anytime after February 25.—KMS

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