Poor daily wagers waiting for financial aid by authorities


The daily wagers and people holding minor jobs in the country have demanded of the authorities to provide them sufficient financial and other daily items donations as the novel COVID-19 virus has put devastated effects on their lives to meet the ends. Talking to this scribe of media on Sunday, Sufi Saeed 33 resident of Rawalpindi and by profession a newspaper hawker said that it was already hard for the poor section of the society to meet their ends that closure of trains, restaurants and decline in newspapers demand snatched away the hope of winning bread for a day even. ‘’I used to deliver newspaper to more than 80 houses before corona virus spread which has been reduced to now 17 only, I was a shopkeeper at someone’s shop but that was also closed now,’’ he said. People were so scared of the coronavirus pandemic disease that it stopped their habit of reading the newspapers as they thought newspaper could also transfer the particles of corona, this had dented our income and increased our worries, he stated. Khursheed Khan a 72 years old hawker from capital said that he was the sole earner for his family and could not do anything else except delivering newspaper but now it was like to starve as he didn’t have another mean of income. ‘’We daily come here with a hope to earn something but all in vain, sometimes rich and generous people were used to give away some money to us, Adil Butt another coolie said. Though the restaurants are shut down to contain the infectious disease but the waiters and catering boys who worked on daily wages faced the consequences, Rashid Ali a 17- year-old waiter at an eaterie in F/10 said. He further added, this pandemic has forced him to suffer due to financial crisis along with his family

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