Polls anniversary


JULY 25 was a triumph day for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as on this day they won the general election last year by breaking status quo and defeating the entrenched parties. This is the reason why they marked it as Thanks Giving Day on Thursday whilst on the other hand; the opposition parties staged public meetings in almost all the major cities with hard hitting speeches to observe this as a Black Day as according to them the election was rigged.
In our opinion, 25 July was another historic day in the democratic history of Pakistan as it saw a peaceful democratic transition from one party to the other. It was also historic as it was for the first time in the country’s history that a third party other than the PPP and the PML-N came into power. It is right of the opposition parties to criticize the government policies which, in fact, serve as a guide to it to correct its course but not accepting the election even after the passage of one year is not understandable. Always the losing parties point fingers on the election results in our country but the question is for how long our political leadership will continue to behave like this. Aren’t they required to demonstrate maturity in their conduct and act as true democrats instead of trying to befool the masses? The people have elected the Government for five years and it must complete its stipulated period, and then it is up to the people as to which party they vote into power. Having said so, 25 July was also a day of retrospection for the ruling party which assumed the mantle of glory on the slogan of change. It should examine which were the areas where it failed and what course should be adopted to avoid the same in future. Indeed the present government inherited difficult economic situation but had it taken some decisions timely, it would have not been faced such kind of situation today. Anyway its drive for expanding the tax base is really appreciable and must continue without any laxity. Then efforts are also required to enhance the country’s exports by reviving industries and by introducing latest technology in the agriculture sector. The people have great expectations from the PTI and we expect it will not disappoint them.