Political parties not serious to promote ‘student politics’: Altaf



Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Friday said that our political parties are only giving lip service to the youth and student politics, while they are actually afraid of a new young leadership.

He said instead of paving way for the young people to enter the arena of politics, many of our very old and “retirement age class” politicians are leading political parties.

They are not ready to vacate their seats. As, they want to remain the heads of these political parties till their last breath; hence, they don’t like that young people come and climb the ladder of responsibilities in their political parties. He said recently a political leader after ruling the federal government for about four years talked about “bringing out new leadership of youth”.

He said during his about four years long rule he only gave lip service to youth and students and even failed to revive the student politics or order holding elections of students unions.


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