Polio worker sets an example of professionalism

Our Correspondent

A polio worker named Muhammad Asif was assigned in tehsil jatoi Area on Thursday as a polio vaccinator by his management.

On his way,there was a river and to perform his duties he had to go on the boat for reaching the other bank of the river.

He had to vaccinate the kids according to the instructions given by the department but there was no boat arrangement for him to reach there.

Being a man of professionalism, he thought that he had to take the risk of swimming so he took up the challenge and reached on the other bank of the riverside where he had to vaccinate the children from polio drops

. The people of the area admired his effort. A five-day anti-polio drive in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa continues for the fourth day for which a target has been set to vaccinate 6.2 million children during the campaign, coordinator of the Anti-Polio Campaign Abdul Basit said here Thursday.

He said more than 800,000 children will be vaccinated against polio in Peshawar.

Coordinator Abdul Basit disclosed that 30,000 teams formed for the anti-polio campaign along with more than 40,000 security personnel deployed for polio teams.

He said, due to the present coronavirus situation, corona SOPs to be strictly enforced during the campaign and the teams have been briefed well before deployment.