Police to use water cannons against Section144 violators


ABBOTTABAD The Abbottabad police announced on Tuesday that it will use water cannons against all those people who violate Section 144 in the city. A lockdown was imposed across the city after the number of coronavirus patients in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa rose. Residents have been prohibited from going out of their houses unless necessary. Not more than five people are allowed to be on the roads. All shops, except those selling essential food items, have been shut down. Educational institutions and offices have also been closed. According to the police, strict action will be taken against violators by the personnel of Rescue 1122, army and police. Two people have died of the coronavirus in Abbottabad. Meanwhile, Divisional Inspector General(DIG) of Hazara Police, Qazi Jamil Ur Rehman has issued strict instructions to all the DPO’s of Hazara Division for the strict enforcement of section 144 in Hazara division and no one to be spared who violates the Law. He added that on the cost of a few violates, the lives of others not to be put on risks were said that all the SDPO’s and SHO should take care of the government employees, bank staff, health workers and employees of the private organizations involved in welfare activities and are dealing in essential services. DIG asked the general public to restrict their movements and keep the distance at the time of making purchases of groceries, medicines and other food-related items.