Police resolve mystery behind metal objects ‘fell from sky’ in Karachi


Karachi police Saturday managed to put hours-long panic among residents to rest after they resolved a mystery revolving around the heavy metal pieces fell from the sky in an area of the city.

The flying shrapnel landed in a graveyard damaging greaves and residencies in SITE area Friday night, leading to various speculations with some saying the mysterious objects are part of some munition.

After receiving the information, police reached the site and recorded the statement of eye witnesses. The official also inspected the objects, which appeared to be part of boiler.

Police launched investigation into the matter after rejecting the speculations, and fount that these are pieces of a boiler that exploded last night in Haroonabad area.

Eyewitnesses told police that they saw the chunks of metal falling out of the sky.

No case has been registered in this regard.