Police requests Rs155b in budget for next year

Staff Reporter

For the financial year 2021-22, the Punjab Police Department has sought more than Rs.155 billions as annual budget.

About 85% of the budget will be spent on salaries of police personnel and 5% on procurement of petrol, 10% of which will be spent on financing police personnel and repairing police station buildings.

Maintenance of law and order in the province is the top priority of the Punjab Police. Payment of utility bills and vehicle repairs will also be included in the budget.

Regarding the distribution of funds, AIG Finance Ghazi Salahuddin said that a huge amount of money would be spent on salaries of employees. Funds would also be required to meet other needs.

Last year, the Punjab Police demanded more than Rs 140 billion and Rs 119 billion was released by the provincial government. When Punjab Police re-applied, more amount was paid in the form of supplementary grant.

After the release of supplementary grant, the budget amount reached Rs. 132 billion.
AIG Finance further said that the expenditure is increasing every year but we are also keeping in view the affairs of the government.

The construction of new police stations and the dowry fund is also among the priorities. The final decision on the budget of Punjab Police for the next financial year will be taken by the Finance Department.

The priorities of law enforcement agencies are of course important. The government has to take care of the basic needs of Punjab Police to ensure law and order in the province.

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